Sit-down utenfor UNRWA-kontorene i Gaza by.

USA har kuttet drastisk i støtten til UNRWA. Det får palestinerne til å angripe utenlandske UNRWA-ansatte og blokkere adgangen til kontorene for 300 ansatte i Gaza.

Utenlandske ansatte måtte mandag evakueres til Israel.

The emergency evacuation of nine foreign employees of UNRWA from Gaza to Israel on Monday was necessitated after Palestinian protesters surrounded and blocked a car containing UNRWA officials for an hour that day in a “threatening” and “dangerous” confrontation, the head of the agency’s operations in the coastal enclave told The Times of Israel.

Truende oppførsel overfor utlendinger må være noe av det dummeste palestinerne kan foreta seg.

Det later til at palestinerne tror de kan true seg til fordeler. Fagforeningen for lokale UNRWA-ansatte har organisert en blokade av UNRWAs kontorer. Senior-ansatte er møtt med trusler.

Furthermore, he said, a crowd of Gazans mobilized by the UNRWA employees’ union have prevented some 300 employees of the Palestinian refugee agency from accessing their offices at the organization’s Gaza headquarters for eight of the last ten days, and have made “serious” threats against senior staffers.

Matthias Schmale beskriver situasjonen for UNRWA-ansatte som er igjen i Gaza:

“The UNRWA employees’ union in Gaza has been protesting the dismissals and other changes we made last month by blocking our access to our offices. We have only been able to enter them two out of the past ten days,” he said. “I understand the frustration of the people who have lost jobs or been moved from full to part-time work, but we need to be able to function and do our jobs.”

Schmale forteller at det skaper problemer for arbeidet at ansatte ikke slipper inn til kontorene sine, men de forsøker å møtes i hoteller ute i byen, som Al Deira. Det var et møte her mandag som endte i en trusselsituasjon.

“I was meeting with some of my female managers at a hotel in Gaza City when my security people informed me a group of protesters from the union had been gathering outside,” he said. “We immediately collected our belongings and left the hotel. All of our cars made it out the hotel’s premises except for one, with five of our employees, which the protesters surrounded.

“The [Hamas] police later arrived and after an hour opened a pathway for the car to leave,” he said. “This was a threatening and serious situation. It triggered us to do what we had been thinking about, which was basically to send non-essential staff to another safer location and give the authorities here, if I can say that, a clear message that they need to protect a UN organization and ensure we can access our office space and not be chased around Gaza.”

UNRWA kontaktet Israel som var villg til å åpne grensepasseringen Erez, selv om den var stengt pga Sukkot.

På spørsmål svarer Schmale at de ikke har opplevd direkte dødstrusler, men det er sagt og gjort ting som peker i den retning.

Asked if UNRWA employees in Gaza had faced death threats, Schmale said that members of the UNRWA employees’ union had not explicitly threatened to kill him or other members of the agency’s staff, but that some of them have “made comments of which the implication was very clear that they are threatening serious action in that direction.”

Palestinerne har en egen evne til å skyte seg selv i foten.


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