In the days and weeks ahead, the Spanish police and intelligence officials will be piecing this together. They will be trying to work out who the terrorists knew, who they were in contact with and whether there are still more people waiting to do the same thing. Politicians and others will remark not just on the tragedy but on the difficulty of stopping such attacks. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has described them as perhaps being just part of living in a big modern city. Last year, then-French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said France must “learn to live with” such terror. But all this glosses over the errors of a generation of politicians. It was not the citizens of Europe who asked for our borders to be dissolved. It was not the citizens who suggested that European countries stop patrolling the soft underbelly of our continent. And it was not the citizens who argued for European and NGO ships to become part of the people-smuggling networks bringing millions into Europe.

Douglas Murray i The Sun