Israel er sterkt, men hvordan forsvarer du deg mot vrangforestillinger? Muslimske menn mener at sikkerhetskameraene ved inngangen til Tempelhøyden kan se kvinnene nakne.

Pro-palestinere burde også ta inn over seg at lignende irrasjonalitet er på vei inn i hverdagslivet i Europa. Hvordan håndterer man det? Mer toleranse?

Salah Abu Agrafa, who came for prayers with his two young sons, told The Times of Israel that the new security arrangements also “defiled the holy site,” and he would only go on the Mount once the Waqf decided it was OK.

“This is not a victory for us,” he said. “They took away the metal detectors but they replaced them with X-ray cameras that can look at our women naked.”

Abu Agrafa vowed to “continue the fight until we can worship without Israeli control.” (….)

Blodsymbolikken er tung. Det er samme blodoffer irakerne lovet Saddam Hussein. Det er underkastelse og død som hylles.

Dozens of Muslim women from the outlawed Murabitat group prostrated on prayer mats they had brought with them and spread on the stone floor of the Old City. Others shouted chants against Israeli authorities.

“With our blood and our souls we will redeem Al-Aqsa,” they shouted. Another chant rallied against “Netanyahu the conqueror.”

Facing the protesters stood dozens of Border Police armed with anti-riot gear, apparently ready for any violence that could break out as has done during prayers in recent days.