Et 29 år gammel italiensk doktorgradstudent, kvinne, ble slått ihjel med jernstang rett utenfor universitet i Geneve. Politiet behandler det som drap.

The victim was walking on a residential street close to the university hospital HUG at around 11pm on Monday night when she was attacked, reported 24 Heures.

Hit several times on the head with an iron bar, she died at the scene from her injuries.

Speaking to newspaper 24 Heures, a man who lives in the neighbourhood said: “I saw the body on the ground and the paramedics trying to revive her as I walked home just after 11pm.”

Paramedics spent 45 minutes trying to save her, he said.

The victim was an Italian national from Turin who was in Geneva to pursue a doctorate in medicine at the university, said 24 Heures.