Hillary Clinton opptrådte i Council on Foreign Relations i New York torsdag, der hun gikk inn for opprettelsen av sikre soner for flyktninger inne i Syria, akkurat som Tyrkia ønsker.

Hun sa også at muslimer fredelige og tolerante mennesker. Det er et spesielt signal å sende seks dager etter Paris.

Liberalere har stadig vanskeligere med å fordøye virkeligheten.

Mrs. Clinton offered additional details on her idea for a no-fly zone, saying it should be limited to northern Syria, similar to Turkish proposals for a buffer zone to protect civilians. Several Republican presidential candidates have also called for a more expansive no-fly zone.

She also pushed back forcefully against Republican calls to bar Syrian refugees or to allow only those who are Christians to resettle in the United States.

“We are in a contest of ideas against an ideology of hate and we have to win,” she said. But, she added: “Let’s be clear, though: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people.”

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