Etterforskere avslører at Paris-terroristene kommuniserte med IS i Syria. De benyttet avanserte krypteringsprogrammer. Angrepet var i det hele tatt sofistiskert, og ikke noe individer koker sammen på egen hånd.

Describing the case for the group’s role, American and French officials said the attackers had operated with high levels of sophistication, beyond what would be expected of a plot in which the assailants were merely inspired to act by a radical group rather than being trained or equipped by it.

The attackers are believed to have communicated using encryption technology, according to European officials who had been briefed on the investigation but were not authorized to speak publicly. It was not clear whether the encryption was part of widely used communications tools, like WhatsApp, which the authorities have a hard time monitoring, or something more elaborate. Intelligence officials have been pressing for more leeway to counter the growing use of encryption.


Following the attacks, intelligence and law-enforcement agencies reviewed intercepted communications and concluded that the attackers had been in touch with members of the Islamic State in Syria, American and French officials said.

Etterforskerne tror angriperne hadde fått profesjonell trening. De vekslet på å lade om, og sørget for at en av dem alltid skjøt. Slik var de hele tiden på offensiven.