Antisemittisme er ikke ingen innbilning, det finnes over hele verden. Selv som turister i Sør-Amerika kan ikke israelere føle seg trygge.

I Patagonia i Argentina ble en gruppe utsatt for et angrep mens de bodde på et ungdomsherberge.


Onda Azul herberge i Lago Puelo

The attackers screamed “You shit Jews, you are trying to take over Patagonia,” said Yoav Pollac, the 38-year-old owner of Onda Azul in the town of Lago Puelo, where many young Israeli backpackers stay.

“They came in throwing stones, smashing windows. They chased after three cars in which some of our guests tried to escape and wrecked them. They injured me, my brother and my father, who is almost 70 years old,” Pollac said.

The young Israeli backpackers at Onda Azul were awoken in the early hours of Monday morning by a shotgun round fired against one of the hostel cabins. Three men, ranging in age from their 20s to their 40s, wielding broken bottles and large sticks, occupied the hostel for four hours.

Six policemen who arrived on the scene 45 minutes into the attack had to withdraw unable to control the situation. Three of them were hospitalised with serious blows to the head. “One had his jaw broken and lost two teeth,” Pollac said.

Det er ikke første gang gjester ved herberget er blitt angrepet. Det var mange nazister som bosatte seg i Patagonia etter krigen.

For decades Argentines have quietly referred to Bariloche as a haven for Nazis who fled Germany after World War II. But it was not until two years ago, when Mr. Priebke was uncovered by a team from ABC News television, that the world began to associate this town with Nazis.

«You’d have to be either crazy or blind and deaf to think that Bariloche does not have its share of Nazis,» said Rosario Zaballa, 48, a store clerk who has lived here all her life. «They don’t bother anybody, but they are here.»

Swastikas are regularly scrawled on walls and even appear in some public artwork. Throughout the town, people tell tales of Germans who still hold secret celebrations of Hitler’s birthday on April 20.

Argentina er også landet med den største jødiske befolkningen i Sør-Amerika.

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