ISIS har trukket seg ut av den libanesiske byen Arsal etter det første større angrepet over grensen. De etterlater seg mange drepte og sårede.

Militants from Syria who overran a Lebanese town mostly withdrew across the rugged hills separating the two countries as a cease-fire appeared to hold Thursday, allowing Lebanese troops to free seven soldiers and ambulances to evacuate dozens of casualties. The seizing of the town, Arsal, over the weekend was the first time that fighters from Syria carried out a large-scale raid into Lebanon. A Lebanese security official said Thursday that most of the fighters had withdrawn, and the Red Cross said it had evacuated 42 wounded people, mostly women and children. Up to 150 cars packed with Syrian refugees were seen leaving Arsal. At least 17 soldiers have been killed, and 12 soldiers and an unknown number of police officers are still missing. A field hospital in Arsal said 38 people had been killed in the fighting by Wednesday.