Israel mistet syv soldater i dag. Fire ble drept av Hamas-krigere som dukket opp fra en tunnel inne på israelsk side. De var kledt i IDF-uniformer og sto og ventet til en jeep dukket opp. Alarmen hadde gått. Men folkene i jeepen kunne ikke vite at soldatene som sto i veikanten, var fiender.

Med en RPG mot jeepen var offiserens og tre soldaters liv beseglet.

En antar at Hamas-krigerne var på vei mot en kibbutz i nærheten.

“We paid a heavy price, but we averted a grave disaster,” said Sami Turgeman, the general in charge of the IDF’s Southern Command. “There is no Iron Dome protection against tunnel infiltration.”


De tre andre ble drept inne i Shejaiya i Gaza, der 13 andre ble drept foregående natt.


The three other Israeli soldiers were killed in Shejaiya. Two were hit by an anti-tank missile fired into a building. Like the 13 IDF soldiers killed there overnight Saturday-Sunday, they were members of the Golani Brigade. The third may have been killed by IDF forces in error.

Israel har dermed mistet 25 soldater hittil, og det er flere enn både i 2008/09 og 2012.

Det var et annet infiltrasjonsforsøk tidligere på dagen. Modus operandi var den samme, men denne ble oppdaget av Shin Bet, og inntrengerne ble bombet.

The tunnel infiltration early Monday involved two groups of Hamas gunmen who surfaced shortly after six in the morning. Apart from the terror cell that emerged near Nir Am, the second cell, also clad in what looked like standard IDF military gear, emerged near Erez, on Israeli territory, several kilometers northeast of the Gaza city of Beit Hanoun. Surveillance soldiers spotted the infiltrators and summoned an aircraft to the area, the army said. The aircraft opened fire, killing the gunmen. No Israelis were hurt in the battle.

“My understanding is that the Shin Bet security service provided an alert,” Lt. Col. Peter Lerner of the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said of both cross-border attacks.

The squad that surfaced near Nir Am emerged from either a separate tunnel or a more southeasterly branch of the same one and was not immediately detected.

Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Moti Almoz told Israel Radio that the army believed the tunnel squads sought either to enter a civilian community or to attack a significant army post, with the ultimate aim of abducting a soldier or a civilian.

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