USA protesterte mandag mot at tv-komikeren Bassem Youssef ble arrestert for satire om president Mohamed Morsi. USA undrer seg over hårsårheten og måten å takle satire på og uttrykker bekymring for en økende repressiv trend overfor medier.


 The U.S. State Department says arrest warrants and the investigation of a popular Egyptian satirist and other critics of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi highlight a «disturbing trend» of growing restrictions on freedom of expression in Egypt.

The strongly worded statement by U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland Monday came a day after Bassem Youssef, who criticizes Morsi and hard-line clerics on his Jon Stewart-style show, was released on bail following an interrogation into accusations he insulted the country’s leader and Islam.

Youssef’s questioning followed arrest warrants against five prominent anti-government activists accused of inciting violence.

Nuland said it seemed Egypt’s government failed to show even-handed justice in investigating cases of attacks against anti-Morsi protesters, journalists and police brutality.

Prosecutors deny launching a political crackdown, saying they are implementing the law. (AP)