En irakisk toppdiplomat vakte oppsikt ved å oppfordre araberlandene til å gå til oljeembargo mot USA på grunn av støtten til Israel.

Slike utspill vil provosere både amerikanske myndigheter og amerikanere flest. USA har betalt en blodig pris for at shiaene ble fri for Saddam Husseins undertrykkelse. Irak har samtidig verdens tredje største oljereserver.

Irak har kommet med flere utspill som innebærer en mer eller mindre fiendtlig holdning til USA, f.eks. ved å tillate Iran å fly våpen til Assad.

Det magre resultatet av oppofrelsene i Irak og Afghanistan kan bidra til amerikansk distansering og sterkere bestrebelser på energiuavhengighet. Det kan få store konsekvenser for land som Irak.

A top Iraqi diplomat urged Arab states to “use the weapon of oil” against the United States because of its alliance with Israel, raising more questions about the Middle Eastern nation’s allegiance to the country that freed it from a ruthless dictatorship.

The shocking statement from a democratic government in power only after the U.S. and allies ousted murderous dictator Saddam Hussein in a costly and bloody war laid bare the Middle Eastern nation’s true allegiance.

«Iraq will invite (Arab) ministers to use the weapon of oil, with the aim of asserting real pressure on the United States and whoever stands with Israel,» Qais al-Azzawy told reporters in Cairo on Friday.

«Iraq will invite (Arab) ministers to use the weapon of oil, with the aim of asserting real pressure on the United States and whoever stands with Israel.»

– Iraqi diplomat

«The economic weapon is the strongest one to be put into effect now, to assure of standing by the Palestinian people, in light of there being no military power that can stand in the face of Israel at the present time,” he added.

The U.S. ousted Hussein, ending his bloody, 30-year reign in 2003 in the midst of a controversial and costly war. Nearly 4,500 American service members were killed and more than 32,000 wounded in a war that has cost U.S. taxpayers at least $750 billion. That figure could top $1 trillion given future health costs incurred by veterans injured in the fighting.

The oil-rich nation has by some measures the world’s third-largest reserves and, along with Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia and Libya, provides the U.S. only about 13 percent of its oil, according to the Energy Information Administration. But Arab oil producers wield tremendous influence on world prices through OPEC.

Iraq is standing with Hamas and Palestinians in the ongoing strife between them and Israel

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