Qassem Suleimani er leder av al Quds-styrken til Revolusjonsgarden i Iran. Det gjør ham til en av verdens farligste menn. Al Quds samarbeider tett med Hizbollah. Sammen gjør de alt for å støtte Bashar al-Assads regime. Men al Quds har sine fingre over hele kloden, skriver Ron Prosor, Israels ambassadør til FN.

Recently, US prosecutors announced that they had seized $150 million of Hizbollah’s cash – nearly half of its estimated annual budget. Imagine the impact the EU could have if it struck at the organisation’s financial base on this continent.
During the battle against the Nazis, Churchill said: “We must be united, we must be undaunted, we must be inflexible.” As it confronts a global, state-backed terrorist network within reach of nuclear weapons, the world must heed that advice. The greatest single danger to global peace and security cannot be confronted with loopholes and half-measures. It is time for the EU – and all responsible nations – to respond meaningfully to the magnitude of the threat. The lives of many innocents hang in the balance.

Ron Prosor is Israeli ambassador to the United Nations

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