Canada brøt fredag alle diplomatiske forbindelser med Iran. Alle diplomater vil bli sendt hjem, og de canadiske er allerede hjemkalt fra Teheran. Israel uttrykker tilfredshet.

Israeli leaders welcomed Canada’s decision on Friday to close its embassy in Tehran and to cut its diplomatic ties with Iran.

President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called on other nations to follow Ottawa’s example.

“Canada has proven once again that morals come before pragmatism, Canada has demonstrated that policy must reflect principles and values,” Peres said in a statement he issued on Saturday night.

“I thank my colleague Governor- General David Johnston, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the whole nation of Canada for taking a stance based on the highest morals and hope that other nations will see Canada as a moral role model,” Peres continued.

“The diplomatic isolation of Iran is an important step for the security and stability of the entire world.”

Ottawa gave Iranian diplomats in Canada five days to leave the country, branding the Islamic Republic the “most significant threat to global peace and security.”

Ten Canadian diplomats in Iran had already left Tehran, the Canadian Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

Israel welcomes Ottawa’s decision to cut Iran ties