Forsøket på å danne ny gresk regjering førte ikke frem og det blir nyvalg om en måned. Dermed har utsiktene til at Hellas trer ut av euroen rykket nærmere.

Socialist PASOK party leader Evangelos Venizelos says the country will now have to hold fresh elections – a vote that could be held next month.

Political leaders had been gathering for a third day of talks that could have forced Greece out of the eurozone. President Papoulias had proposed forming a technocratic government run by experts and academics, instead of politicians and bureaucrats.

The ongoing stalemate has led to rising concerns among eurozone financial ministers that Athens will not uphold its commitments and eventually will leave the 17-nation bloc that uses the euro currency. But the eurozone finance chief, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, dismissed the prospect Monday after a meeting with his counterparts in Brussels, calling the speculation «propaganda.»

Juncker suggested the eurozone could extend the deadlines reached in the previous agreements, as long as the new government remained committed to its targeted budget cuts.

New Elections for Greece as Talks Fail