Ytre venestrepartiet Syriza ble størst ved valget i Hellas, med 30 prosent. Gyllent Daggry fikk 10 % og ble større enn PASOK. For første gang kommer et nynazistisk parti inn i EU-parlamentet.


In Greece, exit polls put the far-Left Syriza party on almost 30 per cent of the vote as Greeks revolted over the eurozone crisis and austerity that have devastated their country, a victory that could herald a new political crisis.


In Greece, voters delivered a clear verdict of disapproval for their government’s implementation of eurozone austerity policies with the radical leftist Syriza taking a clear lead over the ruling New Democracy party.

The extreme-right Golden Dawn party garnered between 10 and 13 per cent of the vote in European elections, exit polls indicated, despite an ongoing criminal investigation that has put several of its leading members in pre-trial detention.

It the vote means the neo-Nazi party would win three to four seats in the European Parliament.

Marking the high political price Greece has paid for the eurozone crisis, Golden Dawn beat the centrist Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK) into fourth place.

«The results show that people voted to punish the politicians of the status-quo,» said George Tzogopoulos of Greek think tank Eliamep

«It is extremely dangerous to see power handed to fascist organisation. I have no doubt that the majority of people who voted for Golden Dawn did so, not because they supported the neo-Nazi ideology of the party but because they are feeling the pain after years of economic crisis and want to express their anger.»

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