San­den er ved å renne ut av time­glas­set for for­hand­lin­ger med Iran. Der­for bør det inte­ra­sjo­nale sam­funn gjøre en kon­sten­trert inn­sats, sier tid­li­gere Mos­sad-sjef Halevi. Men Halevi synes ikke inn­sat­sen er hel­hjer­tet nok.

Det gjør at Israel står over­for val­get om å stanse Iran mili­tært. Halevy tror Israel vil leve opp til ansva­ret. Det har ikke noe valg.

If upcoming inter­na­tio­nal talks with Iran on thwar­ting its nuclear pro­gram do not quickly pro­duce a break­through, there will be “not­hing else left” but a resort to force, the for­mer head of the Mos­sad, Efraim Halevy, told The Times of Israel in an inter­view on Sun­day.

And it’s “tra­gic,” added Halevy, that “I don’t see any great effort being made” by the P5+1 group — the five UN Security Coun­cil perm­a­nent mem­bers and Ger­many – to pre­pare urgently and effec­tively for those talks.


The lights “should be bur­ning through the night” to get a stra­tegy together, he said. “The num­ber one thing the world should be doing (on Iran) is inves­ting enor­mous pre­pa­ra­tion into the P5+1 con­fron­ta­tion, because this is really the ‘Last Train to San Fer­nando’,” said Halevy, who also served as natio­nal security advi­ser and held senior ambas­sado­rial positions. “I don’t detect any signs of this.”

Not­hing left’ but force if next talks with Iran fail, warns ex-Mos­sad chief HalevyThere’s no more time for ‘let’s meet again in two or three mon­ths,’ he tells The Times of Israel

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