Et atombevæpnet Iran vil dominere Persia-bukta og drive oljeprisen i været, mener statsminister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mens verden har vært mest opptatt av sikkerhetsaspektet, peker Netanyahu på at også oljen er et mektig våpen, et våpen Iran nok vil vite å bruke.

He told a conference in Jerusalem on environmentally friendly economic growth that an Iran in possession of atomic weapons would most likely exert more pressure on the major Gulf oil producers and send energy prices soaring.
«Everyone needs to understand that if we’re worried about rising oil prices today we shall be far more worried, if a nuclear Iran gains control over the energy centers in the Persian Gulf,» Netanyahu said in his address, which was broadcast on Israeli public radio. «Anyone who is interested in stopping the manipulative use of oil production and its influence on global markets must for that reason enlist to stop Iran’s nuclear race.»

A nuclear Iran will choke world economy, Israel claims