Den arabiske ligas sanksjoner mot Syria rammer også Iran. Iran står skulder ved skulder med Bashar al-Assads regime, og sørger for å fremmedgjøre seg selv fra araberverdenen.

At Iran så utvetydig solidariserer seg med Assad-regimet betyr at det isolerer seg selv.

the head of Iran’s Human Rights Council criticized Arab nations for «meddling» in Syrian affairs. Mohammad-Javad Larijani said, «Our position is that all the hands should be cut off from this kind of interference.» He added, «Iran’s future relations with Syria will be as strong as they are now.»

Et enda mer interessant perspektiv er at syrerne er klar over at det er Iran som assisterer regimet med å undertrykke dem. Iran kan vinke farvel til innflytelse i et fremtidig Syria.

Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey Feltman says the Iranian government’s contributions are not lost on the Syrian people:

«Our embassy reports – it also comes in through other channels – that these demonstrations across Syria, have, among other demands, an anti-Hezbollah, anti-Iran flavor to them; that the Syrian people know exactly who it is that’s providing the assistance to their government to kill them, arrest them and torture them. They know it’s from Iran and Hezbollah.»

«Which means,» Mr. Feltman said, «a change that comes about where you have a government in Syria that’s a government by the consent of the people is not going to be the asset for Iran that Syria is today.»

Iran’s Support For Assad
«Syria is essential to the extremely negative role that Iran has been able to play in the region.»