De såkalte credit default swaps, forsikringer mot evt betalingsstans, har innebygget en 90 % sannsynlighet for at Hellas går konkurs. Krisen i eurosonen bare vokser.

Nå har det oppstått splittelse og vondt blod innad i sonen. Spania føler seg ringaktet av landene som har sitt på de tørre.

Spain’s European commissioner has lashed out at core eurozone states in the wake of suggestions from the Netherlands and Germany that heavily indebted members of the single currency could be booted out of the club.

«There are member states, in particularly some of the most powerful – Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Austria – who feel that they don’t have this kind of problem,» said Joaquin Almunia, the EU executive’s competition commissioner.

These wealthier states feel that «they don’t need to make an additional effort to compensate the lack of resources of the countries who have the most difficulties to reduce imbalances,» he continued, according to a report from AFP.

Det som tidligere har vært ideer man har kunnet leke med – et two-track Europe, er i dagens nåværende situasjon en blodig mulighet, og det vil bety at noen må sparkes ut, og blir annenrangs nasjoner innen EU, med et kolossalt tap av prestisje og politisk og økonomisk makt.

Fra Brussel sies det imidlertid at ingen kan forlate eurosonen. I kommisjonen forsøker man å holde klubben samlet, men det ser under en tone av trusler og tvang.

The European Commission on Thursday (8 September) insisted that no member of the eurozone can leave the single currency after Germany and the Netherlands suggested publicly for the first time that such an extreme move should indeed be considered.

Expulsion but not withdrawal from the euro is ‘conceivable’ (Images_of_Money)
However, a European Central Bank legal study from 2009 argues that while voluntary withdrawal is legally not possible, expulsion remains «conceivable».

Responding to suggestions both from Germany and the Netherlands that countries that do not adhere to strict budget discipline be required to dump the euro, EU economy spokesman Amadeu Altafaj-Tardio on Thursday insisted that there is no debate happening at any level on whether Greece should be kicked out.

«There is no discussion whatsoever on such an eventuality,» he told reporters in Brussels.

«Neither exit nor expulsion from the euro area is possible, according to the Lisbon treaty under which participation in the euro area is irrevocable,» he added, referring to the European Union’s rule-book.

Brussels: ‘No one can leave the euro’

Spanish commissioner lashes out at core eurozone states