Fire muslimske menn står anklaget i Storbritannia for å angrepet og mishandlet en religionslærer fordi de ikke likte at han underviste muslimske jenter i religion.

De fire mennene angrep 28 år gamle Gary Smith med en jernstang og en murstein og etterlot ham bevisstløs med hjerneblødning, sprukket hodeskalle og brukket kjeve.

He became depressed after his face was slashed and he suffered a brain haemorrhage, fractured skull and broken jaw following the attack.

The men were said to have attempted the assault several times, ‘lying in wait’ for Mr Smith before successfully ambushing him on his way to work on July 12 last year.

Det planlagte angrepet ble tatt opp på bånd av etterforskere som avlyttet den ene angriperens, Akmol Hussain, bil i forbindelse med en annen sak. På båndet kan man høre mennene si at de vil slå eller drepe læreren fordi han er leder for religiøse studier ved Central Foundation School for jenter i Boe i øst-London.

I et opptak sier Hussain: – Han håner islam og han skaper tvil i folks hjerner… Hvordan kan noen ta en jobb med å undervise i islam når de ikke engang er muslimer selv?

Armed with an iron rod and brick, they punched, kicked and attacked Mr Smith, leaving him unconscious covered in blood on the pavement in Burdett Road, Tower Hamlets, East London.

Mr Smith was taken to hospital after he was found by two passers-by, and only regained consciousness two days later.

The gang, made up of Simon Alam, 19, Azad Hussein, 27, of Bethnal Green, Sheikh Rashid, 27, of Shadwell and Akmol Hussain, 26, of Wapping, fled the scene in a car and went on to boast about their role in the assault.

Alam said he hit Mr Smith over the head with a metal bar saying: ‘I turned and hit him on his face with the rod and he went flying and fell on his stomach.’

Sarah Whitehouse, prosecuting at Snaresbrook Crown Court, said: ‘He was subjected to a violent attack while he was on his way to work.

‘His injuries included bleeding in the brain and a broken upper jaw. He has been left with permanent scarring to his face. The attack was pre-meditated and was vicious and sustained.

‘It was also a cowardly attack, carried out by a group of at least four men, using weapons, on the single victim who would have had limited opportunity to defend himself.’

Aktor Sarah Whitehouse la til: – Han ble angrepet på grunn av hans stilling som leder for religiøse studier på skolen. De tiltalte har sterk religiøs tro, og de valgte ham fordi de ikke godtok undervisningen hans.

Hussain’s car had been bugged on an ‘unrelated matter’ and it was during that surveillance operation that some of the gang members were recorded discussing the attack.

He spoke about a pupil at the school, calling her teacher a dog – an offensive name in Islam. He is then heard saying ‘this is the dog we want to’ and then a word is said in Sylheti – a language from Bangladesh – that means to hit, strike or kill.

Two other attempts, on on July 8 and one on July 9 last year failed when Mr Smith did not take his usual route to work.

Akmol Hussain, 26, of Wapping, Azad Hussein, 27, of Bethnal Green, Sheikh Rashid, 27, of Shadwell and Simon Alam, 19, of Whitechapel, all in East London, admitted GBH with intent.

A fifth defendant, Badruzzuha Uddin, 24, also of Shadwell, admitted assisting the thugs by hiding blood-stained clothing.

The hearing was adjourned until Thursday.

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