Syria skal etter sigende ha bestemt seg for å trekke sitt kandidatur til FNs Menneskerettsråd etter massivt press.

Kuwait is going to replace Syria as a candidate for a seat on the U.N.’s top human rights body in what would be a victory for human rights groups and many governments opposed to the ongoing crackdown by President Bashar Assad’s security forces, Western diplomats said Tuesday.

An intense behind-the-scenes campaign has been waged to prevent Syria from being elected to the Geneva-based Human Rights Council following the government’s attempts to crush a seven-week uprising challenging the Assad family’s 40-year rule…

UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights group that has been campaigning against Syria’s bid, hailed the news that Damascus is expected to drop its bid but expressed concern that it might be replaced by Kuwait, which is “far better than Syria, but another non-democracy nevertheless.”


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