Høgskoler og universiteter utdanner mennesker som om høyere utdannelse automatisk gir høyere produktivitet. Så enkelt er det ikke, og de arbeidsledige unges forventninger kan slå over i raseri.

Spesielt stor er kløften i den muslimske verden. Det er ungdom med utdannelse som demonstrerer i Tunisia.

Theodore Dalrymple gjør seg noen refleksjoner:

No policy could be more dangerous, more certain ultimately to produce a social explosion, than to educate young people for many years and deny them first the opportunity to earn a living that they believe is commensurate with their education, and then the opportunity to earn a living at all. But this is the policy that many countries persist in following on both sides of the Mediterranean.

From one point of view, it is heartening that the current riots in Tunisia and Algeria appear devoid of religious motivation. But the Salafists must surely regard them with glee, for the young indignant easily turn to false messiahs. For the moment, the rioters are demanding that the government find work for the unemployed (the president of Tunisia has promised a job to Mohammed Bouazizi’s mother, whose other children, likewise educated, are also unemployed). The penny is not likely to drop soon regarding the fact that governments don’t create jobs; at best, they create the conditions in which jobs can be created. The future of Europe, I fear, can be discerned in Tunis and Algiers.

Riots Present and Future
The recent unrest in Tunisia and Algeria could well come to Western European nations.