En engelskspråklig avis utgitt av kommunistpartiet anklager Nobelkomiteen for å delta i ideologisk krigføring mot Kina.

State-run Chinese media on Thursday accused the West of waging «endless ideological wars» against China, which is furious after jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. «The Nobel Peace Prize is not a lone voice,» said an editorial in the official GlobalTimes.

«It is part of a concerto supplemented by various NGOs, economic entities and international organisations orchestrated by the developed countries,» the English-language newspaper said.

«They hope to harass China’s growth and press China to surrender more economic interests. They even hope that China will one day collapse under the West’s ideological crusade.»

The editorial was headlined «the endless ideological wars against China.»
«The West will continue to target China in its ideological war. It seems the Western way has to be the only way and people around the globe should adopt the Western attitudes,» the editorial said.

«In the minds of some Westerners, even if China grows and develops to an advanced level, it still needs to surrender to Western ideology.»

The Global Times is a branch of the Communist mouthpiece the People’s Daily and is aimed at an overseas audience. It is known for its occasionally strident anti-Western tone.

Chinese-language state media have remained largely mute on the award, as Beijing has tried to impose an information blackout on the Nobel news.

«From Google threatening to withdraw from China earlier this year, to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to a Chinese criminal, the ideological war against China is far from over,» the editorial said.

Nobel part of ‘ideological war’ against China: state media