British National Party, BNP, må oppheve kravet om at bare innfødte briter kan bli medlemmer. Partiet måtte love å endre reglene.

The move came after the Equality and Human Rights Commission started a county court action against the far-right party, accusing it of breaching the race relations laws.

But proceedings at Central London County Court were adjourned after lawyers said that the party leader, Nick Griffin, would put a revised constitution before a BNP party meeting next month.

In the meantime, Robin Allen, QC, for the Commission, said that Mr Griffin had said that the party had agreed not to accept any new members until the new constitution was in place.
«We believed that the BNP’s constitution was unlawful because its membership criteria discriminated on grounds of ethnic minority status and colour.»

«This is not a political issue — the policy of the BNP is not a party for us. It is about obeying the law, which everyone is obliged to do.»

The Commission had statutory powers and duties to ensure that no-one discriminated against another, he added. «We could not ignore a political party that was acting unlawfully.»

Chris Roberts, for the BNP Eastern region, accused Mr Wadham as they left the court of being a «disgrace» and warned him that he would face a charge for «crimes against the British people».

Mr Roberts said: «I don’t know what the membership will vote to do but I think we will take a common-sense approach.»

He said that the BNP had been forced to give the undertakings by the «liberal Marxist establishment» which wanted to see the BNP put out of business now that it was doing well in the elections.

BNP forced to close membership and rethink constitution over race bias