Nyvalgt primas for den anglikanske kirke i Nigeria, Nicholas Okoh, hevdet i en tale at islam driver misjonering i Afrika, både med penger fra Midtøsten og ved å lokke med flerkoneri. Han anklaget kristne verden over for å svikte og spurte: hvor er lederne for kristenheten?

Den anglikanske kirke i Storbritannia er kjent for sin appeasement-politikk, i likhet med den protestantiske i Norden. Kritikere får sitt pass påskrevet. Men hva skal vestlige kirkeledere si til kritikken fra Afrika? Kristenhetens hovedtyngde ligger ikke lenger i Europa.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, 56, was elected Primate of Nigeria last week and his elevation could exacerbate tensions at a time when Anglicans are working to build bridges with Muslims. Dr Michael Nazir-Ali resigned as Bishop of Rochester earlier this year to work in countries where Islam is the majority religion.

Nigeria is split almost half and half between Christianity and Islam. There are about 17 million practising Anglicans in the country, but they face persecution in the north, while the two faiths vie with local religions for supremacy in the rest of the country.

Archbishop Okoh made his controversial comments about Islam in a sermon in Beckenham, Kent, in July. He said that there was a determined Islamic attack in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

«They spend a lot of money, even in places where they don’t have congregations, they build mosques, they build hospitals, they build anything.

«They come to Africans and say, ‘Christianity is asking you to marry only one wife. We will give you four!’ » Archbishop Okoh described this as «evangelism by mass-production».

He said: «That is the type of evangelism they are doing: mass-production, so if you have four wives, four children, sixteen children, very soon you will be a village.»

Africa was «surrounded by Islamic domination,» he said, and he urged Christians to speak out now or lose the authority to speak. «I am telling you, Islam is spending in Uganda and in other places, it is money from the Arab World,» he claimed, accusing Christians of abdicating their responsibilities. «Who is the leader in the Christian world? There is no leader.»

One senior member of Britain’s Muslim community said: «The views presented by the Archbishop are extremist and overwhelmed by Islamophobia and his elevation will certainly foster misunderstanding and extremism. Knowing the communal geography of Nigeria, he will be a massive danger to community relations and cohesion in his country, besides places like London.»

Europa har vært redd for at provokasjoner på egen jord kan utløse utbrudd i den muslimske verden. Nå ser man muligheten for at uttalelser i feks. Afrika kan utløse vredesutbrudd blant muslimer i Europa.

Europa mister med andre ord kontrollen.

Muslims mass-producing children to take over Africa, says Archbishop