Afrika mangler instrumenter til å måle og forutsi været. Det har alvorlige følger på et kontinent der 71 prosent lever av landbruk. Nå har Ericssons Carl-Henric Svanberg kommet opp med en smart idé: å feste værmålere til mobilmaster. De finnes det nemlig 5.000 av i Afrika, men av profesjonelle værstasjoner bare 200.

The project aims to deploy 5,000 automatic weather stations across the continent mounted on phone masts.

They will gather data on aspects of weather such as rainfall and wind, and send it to national weather agencies.
Africa has less than 200 weather stations meeting World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards. Europe, by comparison, has several thousand.
Kofi Annan
Mr Annan now devotes a lot of time to African science and technology issues

«We see the Weather Info for All initiative as a major pan-African effort to empower our 188 (nation) members to provide enhanced weather information and services,» said Michel Jarraud, WMO secretary-general.

«For food production, almost every decision is linked to weather, climate and water parameters.»

Mobiles boost Africa climate data