Human Rights Watch ber president Asif Ali Zardari om å trekke tilbake ratifiseringen av loven som innfører sharia i Swat-dalen. Det er å vende tilbake til middelalderen og fullstendig svikte kvinner, sier HRW.

Human Rights Watch said the government’s move amounted to granting the Taliban «de-facto administrative control of the Swat Valley» and «presents a grave threat to the rights of women and other basic rights in the troubled region.»

The Taliban are «taking Swat back to the Dark Ages and the Pakistani government is now complicit in their horrific abuses,» Ali Dayan Hasan, a senior South Asia researcher for the New York-based group, said Wednesday.

The Swat Valley is less than 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Islamabad and once attracted hordes of tourists.

Eighteen months of fighting between security forces and militants in Swat prompted the provincial government in February to agree to impose Islamic law there and in surrounding areas as part of peace efforts. The Taliban agreed to a cease-fire.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari approved the agreement late Monday after lawmakers urged him to sign it.

There still remain many questions about the exact nature of the pact, including who will have final authority over the appointment of judges trained in Islamic law.

Defenders say the deal will drain public support for extremists who have hijacked long-standing calls in Swat for reform of Pakistan’s snail-paced justice system. But critics worry it rewards hard-liners who have beheaded political opponents and burned scores of schools for girls in the name of Islam.

The White House criticized the Pakistani move, saying it undermines democracy and human rights. Western officials also worry the valley will turn into a sanctuary for militants who may be involved in attacks on U.S. and NATO forces in neighboring Afghanistan.

Onsdag var det en selvmordsaksjon som underbygget skepsisen. En bil ble kjørt inn i en politipost i Chursadda, som ligger utenfor Swat, men som trolig kom derfra. Ni politifolk og syv sivile ble drept. Man fant en video av en gutt som satt og leste Koranen og kanskje var det selvmordsbomberen.

Rights group alarmed over Islamic law in Swat