Tyrkias president Abdullah Gul sier landet ikke kommer til å bruke sitt veto for å hindre at Anders Fogh Rasmussen blir NATOs neste generalsekretær.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul suggested Friday that his country wouldn’t block the nomination of Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen as next head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
«We do not have any attitude against the prime minister or anyone else on that matter. He is one of the most important and one of the most successful prime ministers in Europe,» Gul told reporters in Brussels.
Rasmussen is firm favorite to take over NATO’s top civilian post from current Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in August, with most of the alliance’s big powers firmly behind him, but Turkey is seen as a key obstacle.
Turkey has repeatedly criticized Denmark for failing to revoke the broadcasting license of a Kurdish television station which Turkey says is a mouthpiece for armed Kurdish rebels fighting the government.
Rasmussen also invoked freedom of expression to defend publication of a series of cartoons in a Danish newspaper in September 2005 depicting the Prophet Mohammed, which triggered outrage among Muslims worldwide.
When asked whether a person with good ties to the Muslim world should be chosen, Gul said: «I don’t think we should talk so much about the religious dimensions because those create divisions.»
The president was once a member of the ruling Justice and Development party, or AKP, but left the Islamist-rooted formation as he was required to do by law to become head of state.