For et par uker siden satte israelske myndigheter opp en feltklinikk ved Erez-overgangen på grensen til Gaza-stripen. Hensikten var å tilby medisinsk behandling til sivile palestinere som var blitt skadet under krigen mot Hamas. Nå blir klinikken stengt på grunn av for få pasienter:

However, Tony Laurance, acting head of the World Health Organization’s office in Gaza and the West Bank, told The Jerusalem Post just before the opening the doubted that Palestinians would be allowed by their leaders to access the clinic.

The Health Ministry said Sunday that it and the humanitarian services staff set up by the government saw there was no point in keeping it going because only a handful of Gazans had come for care. The impressive clinic had opened with fanfare, and it was closed in a whisper.

The Post learned that the Jordanians, with help from humanitarian groups, have opened a field hospital near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City that is taking care of wounded. In addition, Hamas strongly discouraged residents from going to the Israeli clinic for help.