Israel kritiserte torsdag årsrapporten til FNs Menneskerettsråd som ble lagt frem for Hovedforsamlingen. Israel sa rådet kritiserer Israel ut over alle grenser.

Israel’s deputy U.N. ambassador Daniel Carmon told the 192-nation world body that since it considered last year’s report the council had adopted seven resolutions condemning Israel and held «a one-sided special session against Israel» — far more than any other member of the United Nations.

«We all witness a U.N. human rights body targeting Israel in an obsessive and discriminatory fashion,» Carmon said.

But Egypt’s U.N. Ambassador Maged Abdelaziz told the assembly the council must ensure «respect of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.» He added that it must also verify Israel’s adherence to international obligations such as cooperating with the U.N. investigators in the Palestinian territories.

Israel denounces UN Human Rights Council