Radikale elementer i Gaza forsøker å utnytte opptøyene i Akko i Israel. Det var demonstrasjoner til støtte for de israelske araberne i Akko søndag. Islamsk Jihad oppfordrer til en tredje intifada.

Islamistenes store drøm er at araberne i Israel skal «reise seg».

Mannen som utløste uroen onsdag kveld da han skulle hente datteren og kjørte inn i et jødisk-dominert boligområde på Yom Kippur, er i dag svært lei seg og ville gjort hva som helst for å ha det ugjort.

The Arab man who drove into a Jewish neighborhood in Acre on the eve of Yom Kippur, sparking a series of riots and violent clashes, told the Knesset Committee of the Interior on Sunday that he would «sacrifice his neck» to bring coexistence back to the bi-national nothern city.

«If what I did caused this, I am ready to sacrifice my neck right here on this table, on lowered gallows, just to return peace and quiet back to the city of Acre, to bring co-existence back to its place.

Jamal said that contrary to the accusations brought against him, he had not been drunk nor playing loud music when he entered the Jewish neighborhood last Wednesday. «I just wanted to go home, I made and mistake and tried to ask for forgiveness. This has been a harrowing experience.»

He also said that he had been one of the founders of a community co-existence committee in Acre: «We invented co-existence,» he said. «They have made me out to be a murderer, they’ve turned me into a fascist. We are not Nazis, we are not fascists.

Det har vært uro fem netter på rad. Hundrevis av politi og soldater holder vakt i byen. Flere arabiske leiligheter er brent. Faren er at Akko blir et symbol som skaper konflikt også andre steder i Israel hvor palestinere og jøder lever sammen.

Many neighborhood residents have fled their homes since the rioting erupted last Wednesday night, shortly after the start of the Yom Kippur holiday. Ramel, one such refugee, returned to the neighborhood on Saturday to get some valuables from her house, but was afraid to go in. «Some 200 people were standing there with murder in their eyes,» she said. «Even the policemen who accompanied us felt pressured, so we left.»

Thousands of policemen deployed at friction points throughout the city on Friday and Saturday, and for the most part, their presence seemed to be doing the trick.

Både arabiske og jødiske ledere forsøkte å roe ned situasjonen søndag. Oppfordringen fra Gaza var den stikk motsatte. Hvordan blir den oppfattet av israelske arabere? Neppe som en hjelpende hånd.

The rally was orchestrated by the Palestinian Research Center, which is affiliated with the Islamic Jihad, but members of various Palestinian groups gave speeches during the assembly.

Dr. Muhammad al-Hindi, a senior member of Islamic Jihad said that «the events in Akko bring our people closer to victory, closer to removing the occupying entity that calls itself Israel… the Zionist entity claiming to be a democracy, is upholding racist policies against out people in occupied Palestine.

«It is a racist nation, second to none,» he added, «and 62% of the Israelis support these racist polices.»

The various calls for a peaceful coexistence are nothing but a diversion tactic, continued al-Hindi, and are an attempt to conceal an official policy of racism, practiced by the law enforcement and judicial systems in Israel.

«This is nothing but racism, which stems from their blind hatred and what they call their Talmud,» he said.

Hva ville være større enn om de arabiske israelerne reiser seg og reverserer 1948? Det er en marxistisk-revolusjonær drøm som islamistene har overtatt

«What is happening is a predecessor to a third intifada, which the Palestinians living within Palestine that has been occupied since 1948 will lead, because of the consistent aggression against them, their homes and their lands and the policy that keeps them oppressed,» said Walid Hilam.

Hilam er talsmann for Islamsk Jihad.

Terror groups call for 3rd intifada

Three Jewish rioters hurt, Arab home set ablaze as Acre violence resumes

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