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Østeuropeere har lenge advart mot Russlands nye kurs. De har gjort seg opp en mening for lenge siden. Det er vesteuropeerne som nøler. De vil ikke bli våte på bena. Men nå kommer de russiske lederne med uttalelser hver eneste dag som gjør at østeuropeerne kan si: Hva sa vi?

President Dmitrij Medvedev, som er rost som et medlem av intelligentsian av Hans Wilhelm Steinfeld, uttaler seg som en gangster som lover å brekke armene på den som tyster.

«If someone thinks they can kill our citizens, kill soldiers and officers fulfilling the role of peacekeepers, we will never allow this,» Mr Medvedev told a group of Second World War veterans in Kursk. «Anyone who tries to do this will receive a shattering blow.»
Vladimir Putin’s mastery checkmates the West

He continued: «Russia has the capabilities — economic, political and military. Nobody has any illusions left about that.»

Østeuropeerne har hørt den før. Fra det øyeblikk stridsvognene rullet inn i Georgia hadde Moskva hele den tidligere Østblokken mot seg.

Polish and Baltic officials, most of whom grew up under Soviet occupation, have long chafed at being described in Western Europe as too «Russia-phobic» in their oft-repeated warnings about Moscow’s intentions. But now in this gritty capital, the refrain is, «We told you so.»
«When we woke up and saw Russian tanks in Georgia, we knew very well what this meant,» says Bartosz Weglarczyk, foreign editor of Gazeta Wyborcza. «The Russian talk about helping others and bringing peace to Georgia…. We don’t buy it. When did Moscow ever enter a country without ‘bringing peace?’

«Now it is back to basics,» he adds. «For us, it is all about staying out of the Russian sphere. We forgot about Russia for a decade. Now as Frankenstein is being reassembled under a former KGB chief, we remember it again.»

Forskjellen fra sovjettiden er at russerne denne gang har noe å miste, i det minste eliten.

«The Russians want to keep their money, their property in Monaco and Palm Beach, and have a good life,» says one official. Moscow will, however, seek to exploit weakness and divisions in the West, say Polish diplomats, officials, and citizens, in a new type of energy and economic war of which Georgia is an example.

‘New Europe’ urges West to rethink Russian ties