Robert Mugabe faller stadig dypere. Hans håndlangere voldtar nå jenter for å kue dem, knekke og demoralisere opposisjonen. Unggutter tvinges til å delta i militsen. Begge kjønn tvinges til å mishandle sakesløse sivile.

Voldtekt av kvinner er ett kjennetegn på et brutalisert regime.

Untold numbers of women, old and young, have been raped during weeks of state-orchestrated terror in Zimbabwe, but shame and stigma has prevented most from speaking out.

Several female activists from the opposition Movement for Democratic Change have been dragged from their homes and gang-raped; still more common has been the sexual assault of women abducted in place of their politically active menfolk.

But perhaps the least known and most numerous groups are the young girls forced to join the ruling party’s own militia, who are systematically raped to cow them into submission and forced to carry out acts of violence against their own neighbours or face more brutality themselves.

Whichever group they belong to, the rape victims of Mugabe’s terror campaign continue suffering long after much of the other violence has died down, unaware of what the future holds.

«It was two weeks ago it started and still I am shaking,» Caroline says. «Maybe I am pregnant or maybe I have the HIV now. I do not know what to do now. No one can help.»

The sudden proliferation of youth militias across Zimbabwe was fuelled by the forced recruitment of thousands of underage boys.

Zimbabwe: ‘Maybe I am pregnant or maybe I have HIV now. No one can help’

A victim of Mugabe’s thugs tells how she was repeatedly raped and forced to beat other women suspected of supporting the Opposition