USA plan­leg­ger å sende 30.000 sol­da­ter til Irak i 2009, for å opp­rett­holde en styrke på 15 bri­ga­der, ifølge kil­der i Pen­ta­gon.

The Pen­ta­gon is prepa­ring to order roughly 30,000 tro­ops to Iraq early next year in a move that would allow the U.S. to main­tain 15 com­bat bri­gades in the coun­try through 2009, The Associa­ted Press has learned.

The deploy­ments would replace tro­ops cur­rently there. But the deci­sions could change depen­ding on whether Gen. David Petra­eus, the top U.S. com­man­der in Iraq, deci­des in the fall to furt­her reduce troop levels in Iraq.

Seve­ral offi­ci­als fami­liar with the deploy­ments spoke on con­dition of ano­ny­mity because the orders have not yet been made pub­lic.

Accor­ding to the offi­ci­als, three active-duty Army bri­gade com­bat teams, one Army Natio­nal Guard bri­gade and two Marine regi­men­tal com­bat teams are being noti­fied that they are being sent to Iraq in early 2009. Offi­ci­als would not release the spec­i­fic units involved because the sol­di­ers and Marines and their fami­lies have not all been told.


Offi­ci­als: 30,000 tro­ops head­ing to Iraq in 2009

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