Kona til en av mennene bak den mislykte terroroperasjonen i London 21/7 2005, ble torsdag dømt til 15 år fengsel for å ha unnlatt å varsle og for å ha hjulpet ham å flykte.

Yeshi Girma er gift med Hussein Osman. Det var Osman som greide å rømme med Europatoget og komme seg til Italia, der han ble tatt.

The wife of one of the failed 21/7 suicide bombers was jailed for 15 years today for failing to disclose details of his plot to cause carnage on the London Underground.

Yeshi Girma, 32, who has three children by the bomber Hussein Osman, wept throughout the sentencing hearing at the Old Bailey and threw her hands in the air as the jail term was handed down.

She had to be helped from the dock as she was led away to begin the jail term.

Her sister Mulu Girma, 24, a model, and brother Esayas Girma, 22, were each jailed for 10 years for helping Osman escape a massive police manhunt and withholding information from the authorities.

Judge Paul Worsley told the three siblings, who held hands as they sat in the dock, that the sentences he was able to pass by law were «woefully inadequate to reflect the enormity of what you were about in July 2005».

He said that had they informed the police of Osman’s whereabouts, the death of Jean Charles de Menezes, shot by officers hunting the bomber, might have been avoided.

The judge also jailed Mohammed Kabashi, 25, Mulu’s former lover, for nine years after he admitted the offences.

Osman was one of four men who tried to detonate suicide bombs on Tube trains and a No 26 bus two weeks after terrorists had killed 52 innocent passengers in the July 7 attacks.

A huge death toll was only averted because the bombers, all former worshippers at Finsbury Park mosque, failed to mix the chemical components of their devices properly.

Osman was supposed to blow up a train at Shepherd’s Bush, west London, and ran off across the tracks when it partially exploded.

Wife of 21/7 bomber jailed for 15 years

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