Ansatte ved et høysikkerhetsfengsel i Storbritannia føler at kontrollen glir ut av hendene på dem. De frykter at muslimske fanger tar over kontroll på sine avdelinger.

Staff at a top-security prison appear frightened of category A inmates and are concerned that Muslim prisoners are taking control of the wings, according to an internal review.

Prison officers fear further acts of indiscipline among the 112 Muslim inmates who make up almost 30 per cent of the 400 prisoners at Whitemoor jail in Cambridgeshire.

The review also found that a reluctance by staff to challenge inappropriate behaviour, particularly among black prisoners, was leading to a feeling that the power was shifting from officers to inmates.

It said: «There was an ongoing theme of fear and instability reported by staff in various locations around the prison. Many staff seemed to feel a serious incident is imminent. The general perception appeared to be that this would be a result of the high Muslim population currently on A wing.»

The report added that some Muslim prisoners believed that they were being harassed and that they were being identified as gang members.

The review, carried out by Prison Service staff, was requested by Steve Rodford, the governor, after five self-inflicted deaths and below-average prisoner satisfaction ratings.

Prison officers fear that Muslim inmates are taking over control