Kafeel Ahmed sendte sin bror Sabeel en epost to dager før han forsøkte å sprenge avgangsterminalen på Glasgow flyplass i juni 2007.

«My sincere request that you do the following: 1. Pray to Allah for acceptance of my deeds. 2. Pray to Allah to give you calm and composure and strength (for you will need this) 3. Do not inform anyone about me or my deed (and I mean anyone). 4. If they figure out it was me (I have tried to clear up my tracks as much as possible) then go ahead and tell them whatever they ask of you.

And of course this is going to put you in trouble (Allah forbid). Say only that which is necessary. And please don’t argue. Try to continue as normal but appear shocked. Try to put off telling Abbu-Ammi [mother and father] for as long as possible. I am sorry for putting you in this situation. 5. If they can’t figure out who it was, then keep me alive for as long as possible. 6. If I am caught, then try to maintain calmness and don’t try too hard to get me released. I am prepared for the long haul (May Allah save me from the dreaded prisons).»

He adds: «Please take care of Abbu and Ammi. At any time, don’t hold back from joining the Jihad, by money, words and actions. Allah makes it easy for those who do so.»

He ends the email: «May Allah . . . reward you for the troubles.»

‘Pray for strength, and don’t tell anyone about my deed’