Senators criticized Iraq for not taking a greater role in paying for reconstruction, particularly with oil prices near record highs.

«Sky-rocketing oil prices have swelled Iraqi oil revenues beyond all expectations,» Levin said. «But Iraqi leaders and bureaucrats aren’t spending their funds.»

In response, Crocker pledged that «the era of U.S.-funded major infrastructure projects is over» as Iraq begins to use more of its own money to pay for rebuilding.

Iraq pumped 2.38 million barrels of crude a day last month, according to Bloomberg estimates. That output is among the highest recorded since the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Republicans, who generally supported Petraeus at the hearing, expressed some disappointment with the performance of Iraqi forces.

Virginia Republican John Warner, a former chairman of the committee, interrupted Petraeus during a long answer about whether the war was making the U.S. safer.

«My time on the clock is moving pretty quickly,» Warner said. «Can you now, just in simple language, tell us, yes, it is worth it and it is making us safer here at home?»

«I do believe it is worth it,» Petraeus replied.

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