Pakistans fremste kunstmaler er funnet myrdet i sitt hjem sammen med fruen og en stuepike.

Ismail Gulgee, Pakistan’s most prominent artist, has been found murdered along with his wife and a maid in their Karachi home.

The three were found gagged in different rooms of the house, which is in the city’s most upmarket districts. The hands of his wife Zarina were tied. The bodies were discovered by Gulgee’s son, Amin, after neighbours became suspicious.

Gulgee, 81, trained as an engineer in the United States before turning to painting works of modern art. He won various awards. After starting out as a portrait painter, he turned to more abstract painting and became interested in Islamic calligraphy. His work was displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His son Amin is a well-known sculptor.

«It could be a pure case of crime, but we cannot rule out other possibilities,» said a senior police officer. Police are looking for the servant and driver.

Leading Pakistani artist murdered at home

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