Myndighetene i Jemen har gått til aksjon mot jihadistene som sto bak selvmordsangrepet der sju spanske turister ble drept. Minst tre Al Qaida ble tatt til fange, og en egypter som ledet angrepet ble drept.

Security services have killed an Egyptian who helped to mastermind a car bomb suicide attack that left seven Spanish tourists and two Yemenis dead, the defence ministry said yesterday.

Ahmad Basyouni Dwedar died when armed forces stormed flats in the Yemeni capital, clashing with Islamic fundamentalists believed to have been behind the attack last Monday at the ancient Queen of Sheba Temple in Marib province. Six Yemeni troops were wounded in the raid. At least fifteen suspects were detained, security sources said, including three alleged al-Qaeda members believed to have provided assistance to the group that undertook the attack.

Islamic militants held after gun battle