Sakset/Fra hofta

Folk i Glasgow-terminalen reagerte med raseri mot de to mennene som kom brasende inn i en Jeep Cherokee, og gjøv løs på dem, forteller øyenvitner.

Mange flyktet i panikk, men noen reagerte med sinne.

David Cruickshank, 34, of Glasgow, saw the attack as he walked to the terminal to collect his mother from a Benidorm flight. He said: «I heard the sound of a motor going too fast and then I saw a Jeep Cherokee driving almost sideways towards the terminal.


«The barrier stopped it from getting into the building. I ran towards the Jeep to see if I could help but then I realised the driver had his foot hard on the accelerator because the engine was being revved and the rear wheels were spinning, giving out black smoke.»

He saw a man leap from the Jeep covered in flames.

He said: «When I got up to the Cherokee a very tall Asian man climbed out from the driver’s door.

«He was on fire. What clothes were left were sticking to his body and yet he was totally expressionless, as if he was in a daze or high on drugs. The guy was a giant and reminded me of the Incredible Hulk.

«People began shouting and cursing him. Then somebody ran across and starting kicking the man. He was struggling but didn’t go down. Others joined in trying to grasp him and then the police and security staff rushed up and started spraying him with CS gas. That put him down but people were very angry and were still trying to kick him.

«A second man came out of the Cherokee and began wandering around the front of the airport. He also looked as if he was in a trance but he was jumped on by the crowd. The police took hold of him and pulled him away.

«It was terrifying, surreal, like a scene out of a science fiction movie.»

Flaming Hell