Sakset/Fra hofta

Carl Bernstein, den andre halvdelen av Watergate-radarparet, har overvunnet skrivesperren og kommer med en 650 sider lang biografi om Hillary Clinton, som kan øke motstanden mot hennes kandidatur.

With the thoroughness for which he is famous, Bernstein spoke to more than 200 of Clinton’s friends, colleagues and adversaries. He stops short of accusing the New York senator of blatantly lying about her past, but has unearthed examples of where she has played fast and loose with the facts about her «personal and political life», according to Knopf.

The book could revive the explosive charge, made earlier this year by David Geffen, a former Clinton donor and Hollywood mogul, that «the Clintons lie with such ease, it’s troubling».

Hillary deltok nylig i en tv-debatt i Sør-Carolina, som kommentatorene i Wasington sa hun vant uten tvil. Men det lokale publikummet rangerte Obama øverst.

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