Sakset/Fra hofta

En interessant konstellasjon: Iran beskylder Pakistan for å gi opphold til opprørerne fra Baluchistan som sprengte en bil med Revolusjonsgardister i lufta.

Folkene i Baluchistan er sunnier.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry charged Sunday that Sunni insurgents from Iran used Pakistan as a base to plan a bombing that killed 11 people and wounded more than 30 in the southeastern border city of Zahedan last week, and it said that it had demanded an explanation from the Pakistani ambassador.

«We summoned the Pakistani ambassador to explain what happened,» Mohammad Ali Hosseini, a spokesman for the ministry, said during his weekly news conference on Sunday. «Both sides will suffer from insecurity and we decided to set up a committee to raise the security at the borders,» he said.

A car loaded with explosives detonated in front of a bus carrying members of the Revolutionary Guards last Wednesday.

kilde: nytimes