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Demografi ble viet oppmerksomet under årets Davos-møte. Europa vil mangle 60 millioner arbeidere om noen år, viser tall fra Manpower. Arbeidskraften finnes i Tyrkia og Egypt.

Take their study on the European labor force. Corporate affairs boss David Arkless says Manpower estimates that in a few decades the European Union will have a shortfall of 60 million people of working age. «And that includes the newly admitted member states of Bulgaria and Romania,» says Arkless.

This presents an enormous opportunity for workforce companies such as Manpower, which is advising European governments on bringing older workers back into the workplace, loosening labor rules, seriously retraining workers, and expanding the Continent’s pool of part-time workers. All this will help Europe’s looming labor shortage. But Manpower figures it won’t be enough without a massive revision of immigration laws in Europe. Turkey and Egypt have the people—if Europe will have Turkey and Egypt.

Russland vil om ganske få år oppleve drastisk reduksjon av befolkningen. Uten at det ser ut til å bekymre herrene i Kreml stort.

Take the case of Russia. Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia is harnessing its oil and gas reserves to reclaim its status as a power with which to contend. But at a dinner presentation on Wednesday night, demographer Nicholas Eberstadt painted a starkly different picture. Russia’s mortality rate is catastrophic, its birth rate abysmal. There will come a time in the not-too-distant future when Russia’s depleted population will threaten the Kremlin’s neo-imperialist designs.

Davos: Demographics, Economics, Destiny
With the help of workforce consultants, some governments are addressing the economic shortcomings that a dearth of workers portend