«The greatest disappointment of this war was our discovery that it’s not only when we come out tops that we lose the world’s sympathy, but when we’re beaten, too. We let the Arabs bash our heads in just to prove to world public opinion that we didn’t start this war, but everybody considered us the aggressive party all the same, in the spirit of their even-handed policy or whatsit. Bonn protested loudly against its neutral ports being used to deliver arms to those Jews who happened to survive the German slaughter; Paris held that cease-fire lines don’t count for oil-producing countries; and England stuck to its traditional type-casting whereby every British Government betrays Israel while the Opposition shakes its head.»

– Ephraim Kishon, israelsk satiriker, om Yom Kippur-krigen i 1973.

SItatet er hentet fra artikkelsamlingen «No oil, Moses!»