The city council of Riccione has come up with a way to enable Muslim women to enjoy the sand and sea without being fully clothed: opening sections of the beach exclusively for their use. Muslim women will now be able to cast off their headscarves and robes because men will be banned from certain portions of the beach. These stretches of sand will also be fitted with tents and have only female lifeguards and waitresses in order to ensure that the Islamic law requiring women to be covered in the presence of men is not broken. Hotel owner Attillio Cenni wants to take things a step further and have female lifeguards—ala Pamela Anderson—keep a lookout for men while patrolling the sea in water scooters. …
Riccione councilwoman for urban planning, Loretta Villa, defended the city measure as a sound business decision: «We live on tourism and we can’t survive if we don’t satisfy the requests of our customers, especially the ones who have started coming here only recently.» ,,,
Villa found nothing newsworthy about the creation of sections of the beach for Muslim women only. Comparing the decision to other accommodations made for tourists she said, «When the Germans started coming here didn’t we learn the language and start providing German newspapers?» The fact that Germans would never demand the exclusive right to enjoy the beach is apparently lost on the councilwoman.»