Det er ikke bare korrupsjonen Hamas vil til livs. Også sedløyse. Hamas kulturminister Atallah Abu al-Sibbah er klar til å begynne opprydningen i seder og umoral blant palestinerne.

But it also says it intends to clean up society, and that is Mr Sibbah’s job. For a start he will ban casinos and see if there is a way to ban the sale of alcohol. He also wants segregation of men and women in places of public entertainment and an end to what he sees as rampant «nakedness».

«There was an Egyptian singer who came and there was big trouble because she was not properly dressed, and some people wanted her and some people didn’t,» he said.

«There’s moral corruption. The blue films Israel sends us are quite corrupting. We have to resist them.

«And we’re not going to allow books with any pictures of Madonna in bed.»

Gazas tre kinoer stengte under den første intifadaen i 1987, men Sibbah er rede til å åpne dem igjen. Men han vil følge nøye med på repertoaret. Det er pussig at han sier de kanskje må kutte i filmen «Paradise Now» som handler om selvmordsbombere!

But he is less sure about the Oscar-nominated Palestinian film, Paradise Now, which shows the preparation of suicide bombers for an attack on Israelis.

The film’s questioning of suicide attacks does not sit well with a party that glorifies such deaths.

«There are problems, there are some scenes, some observations, some pictures. We can negotiate. I will see it first. If I need to cut it I will cut. This is normal. Every country has censors. But we have no problem showing it,» he said.

Mr Sibbah sees moral purification as central to the struggle against Israel, a conflict that has dominated his life.

Bellydancing out, cinema in, says Hamas