Thomas L. Friedman tar opp hvorfor en Hamas-regjering er bundet av tidligere inngåtte avtaler. Å sitte med makten er ikke som et koldtbord en kan velge fritt fra. Heller ikke når det gjelder voldsmonopolet. Hamas kan ikke late som om Quassam-rakettene som skytes vilt mot Israel ikke er deres bord. Det er deres ansvar som regjering.

Democracy is not just the act of winning a free election. It involves respect for the rule of law, constitutional restraints and decisions taken by previously elected parliaments. Both the Fatah-run Palestinian Authority and the P.L.O. recognized Israel’s right to exist and, at least on paper, renounced the use of force. The Hamas government has rejected both. The only way Hamas can do that democratically is by holding a new referendum and asking Palestinians to reverse these established positions. But for Hamas to unilaterally reject the positions ratified by the previous Palestinian parliament is just an arbitrary exercise of power. It would be like President Bush tearing up the Panama Canal Treaty.

Also, a democratic government has to exercise a monopoly of force. Hamas can’t ask the world to respect its democratic credentials if it, in turn, refuses to restrain Palestinian militants from attacking Israel from Gaza with rockets or suicide bombers. Hamas can’t pretend it has no responsibility for «renegade» attacks on Israel by militias under its sovereign authority.

Den israelske statsviteren Yaron Ezrahi:

«Democracy «is not a one-night stand,» he added. «It is a marriage between government and people. That is why we call it a social contract. It can’t just be arbitrarily changed by one side.» In sum, the world does not have to respect Hamas as a democratic government, if Hamas does not respect these basic principles of democracy.

Israel har satt tommeskruene på Hamas, men ønsker i virkeligheten en avtale, en forpliktende våpenhvile. Hvilket innebærer effektivt å stagge andre som forsøker å angripe Israel.

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