George W. Bush gikk inn for demokrati. Nå har de fått det: islamistene har overtatt huset. Slik tenker man i Israel.

En overskrift eller tanke som ikke vil komme på trykk i norske aviser: Israelerne er glade for at de har gjerdet.

David Horovitz reflekterer over hva Hamas’ seier betyr:


Until yesterday, Israel and much of the West were issuing demands that Hamas put down its arms as a pre-condition for substantive contacts, that it abide by the democratic pre-condition for one rule of law, one legitimate force of arms. Now Hamas’s leaders might assert that, in apparently fair elections, the Palestinian public has entrusted them with the rule of law, that they bear the single legitimate force of arms.

Ansvarlige, mot hva?

Some may seek comfort in the belief that an ascent to government could prompt a greater sense of responsibility, a move to moderation. But Hamas’s intolerance is based on a perceived religious imperative. No believing Muslim, in the Hamas conception, can be reconciled to Jewish sovereignty in the Middle East. To deny that, for Hamas, is blasphemy.

And that is the ideology to which the Palestinian people, for whatever reason and by their own free hand, have just tied their fate. That is the guiding ideology with which Israel and the West will now have to grapple.

The earthquake