Brian Whitaker har en morsom og ikke så morsom sak om seksuell veiledning i Egypt og ellers blant muslimer online. Utgangspunktet var en diskusjon om det er riktig at ektefeller har klær på seg under akten eller ikke.

A curious religious debate is raging in Egypt. The question is: should you keep your clothes on when having sex?
It began when Dr Rashad Khalil, an expert on Islamic law from al-Azhar university in Cairo warned that being completely naked during intercourse invalidates a marriage. His ruling was promptly dismissed by other scholars, including one who argued that «anything that can bring spouses closer to each other» should be permitted.

Another religious scholar suggested it was OK for married couples to see each other naked as long as they don’t look at the genitals. To avoid problems in that area, he recommended having sex under a blanket.

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